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All-In-One Blanket

All-In-One Blanket

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This is the magic blanket that does everything! 

It is the one thing you need for any unexpected baby situation.

Instead of carrying hundreds of things on the go, trust the all-in-one blanket for all your unexpected baby situations.

From unexpected weather shifts to unexpected messes, the all-in-one blanket has your back. Its double fabric feature keeps messes contained while keeping your baby dry. You already have a gazillion things to remember, keep this blanket on hand for ongoing peace of mind.

It's also perfect for protecting the couch and car seat during potty training or a long car ride if your child gets car sick (and puke like my toddler). It can also be secured on a stroller or baby carrier to keep children warm on windy days.

Less mess, any day, everyday.


  • Thie double-sided blanket has a soft waterproof fabric on one side and an absorbent microfleece on the other.
  • Comes with two removable straps to secure the blanket onto stroller and baby carrier. No more picking up blanket on the floor!
  • Generous size to serve as a changing blanket, picnic blanket, shopping cart cover, a strip to the pool, and many more occasions



  • Blanket size 26" x 32" with two removable straps. Made with 100% Polyester, one layer of waterproof PUL and one layer of quick-absorbing microfleece.
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